1.4 Michael McLaughlin


Michael McLaughlin


Bet. 1858-1862 in Knockmanus, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Patrick McLoughlin and Mary Moran


Abt. 1884 to Nora Moran (no records found in Cuyahoga Co.)


1900 Census indicates three other children who died

·         1.4.1 Marian, born Mar. 5, 1885 (from St. Malachi records, probably died young)

·         1.4.2 James, born Aug. 1886 m: Mary O’Brien

·         1.4.3 Thomas, born Feb. 1891

·         1.4.4 Robert, born Oct. 1892 m: Ressa McCormick

·         1.4.5 Elizabeth, born Dec. 8, 1896

·         1.4.6 Agnes, born Jan. 26, 1901 m: Herman Klaehn


·         June 17, 1903 in Cleveland, Ohio

·         Buried June 23, 1903 in Calvery Cemetery Sect. 20 Lot 573

Birth and Baptism

Probably born in Sandhill/Knockmanus and baptized in the Newport Chapel.  No records found.

Immigration & Naturalization

·         Immigrated in 1881 (according to census records)

·         Naturalized (according to census), no records found

Census Records

·         1880 Census:  Not found

·         1890 Census: Unavailable

·         1900:  In the 1900 United States Census, at 378 Detroit Street in Cleveland, Ohio, Michael and Nora McLaughlin are living with their four children.  Michael works as a day laborer, is 37 years old, and was born in Ireland in July of 1862.  Both of his parents were also born in Ireland.  Nora is 34 years old and was born in June of 1865 in Ireland as were her parents.  They have been married 16 years and have had 9 children, 4 of whom are still alive.  James was born in August 1886, is 13 and attends school.  Thomas is 9 and was born in February 1891, Robert is 7 born in 1892, and daughter Elizabeth is 3 and was born in December 1896.  All of the children were born in Ohio.  Michael immigrated to the United States in 1881 and was naturalized.  They are renting their home on Detroit.

City Directories

There are several Michael McLaughlin’s living in the Old Angle/Whiskey Island area.  Since his first local record is at St. Malachi’s in 1885, he is one of these.  The 378 address comes from the census and is the first place we can positively identify his address.

·         1901-04 living at 378 Detroit, occupation laborer

·         1904-05 Nora, widow living at 378 Detroit

Church Records

·         Baptism records for 2 children (Marian and James) from St. Malachi records located at the Franklin Archives.

Marriage Records

·         None found, probably not married in Cuyahoga Co.

Death & Funeral Records

·         Cuyahoga Co. Record of Death (from Franklin Archives) lists the cause of death as “Intestinal Obstruction”.  Michael was 45 years old, a laborer, lived at 378 Detroit St, place of death the Cleveland General Hospital, attending physician Dr. Gentach, undertaker McGorray Bros.

·         McGorray Bros. records from the WRHS have Michael’s funeral ledger.  Names and money donated to his funeral are recorded along with the cost of the funeral.

·         Map of McLaughlin Plot at Calvary Cemetery shows others also buried in the plot: Baby (belonging to son James), Robert, his son Robert, Thomas, Nora, and Elizabeth.   Also, descendents of Thomas McLaughlin (Patrick, Annie Donegan, Delia Candow, Julia and John Green) are buried in an adjoining plot.





·         Laborer



·         378 Detroit Street, Cleveland

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